This summer hasn’t been too hectic for me on the work front, so I’ve had plenty of time to pickle various things that I have found growing around London.  The Walnuts were growing in a small park in Bethnal Green, they are simple to pickle. Two weeks in salt water followed by a few days drying out when they will turn jet black. When they were dry and a little wrinkled I boiled them with malt vinegar, sugar and a few spices.  I’m planning on using the walnuts in a dish with chicken wings, slow cooked egg and jack by the hedge.One of the other things I have been pickling are wild garlic buds. After the flowers had fallen off the wild garlic I picked the bud and salted them for 6 weeks, when the 6 weeks are up I put them into straight apple vinegar, they have been in there for around 2 weeks so far and there should be enough to keep me going through the winter.  They are great for finishing off sauces adding a nice garlicky vinegar kick.


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